Sam Russell - Giving Closet

Our Mission

To give all of us in the fashion world the opportunity to give back by providing a hand up to inspiring women, giving them a means to increase self-esteem, personal empowerment and be set up for economic success with the right wardrobe.  Fashion isn’t only for the elite – Giving Closet proves that fashion has a heart! Giving Closet is a marriage of fashion and human-interest stories, ripe for transformational television and branded content mediums.  A recent giveaway was captured on HLN’s Morning Express Starring Robin Meade (average 100 million views), where top designers like Byron Lars donated goods and received equitable placement.

Sam Russell

Sam Russell is a celebrity stylist, editorial, TV and red carpet wardrobe consultant.  He writes for Fashion Affair, a premier online style magazine with a hardcopy version out of the UK, and has made numerous TV appearances over the years on fashion segments. Inspired by Oprah Winfrey and her Next Chapter announcement, Sam decided in 2011 to start the next phase of his personal journey by bringing a passion project to the foreground:  His traveling mission is to surprise deserving women all over the U.S. with $10,000 worth of work and personal attire through his organization, Giving Closet.  He has so far conducted 14 wardrobe giveaways. In collaboration with various non-profits and top designers, inspiring women who have beat the odds are surprised with a complete new wardrobe.  Whether they are recovering from illness, injury or financial setback, women who are on the way up need to feel like a star in their new life, and Sam and his partners afford them the look. The complete rack of clothes for chosen women include everything from designer dresses, tops, handbags, jewelry, pajamas and more.  Each surprise giveaway is unique and specific for the selected woman. Every garment and accessory is carefully selected and personally chosen by Sam. Sam’s talented eye for imaging has been tapped by such recognizable personalities as Stevie Wonder, Jon Hamm, Chuck Lorre, Sophia Bush, Melora Hardin, Jeannie Mai and Donna Mills, as well as various business and social icons.  But his greatest joy is in giving back through Giving Closet. Sam is bi-coastal, living in Washington, DC and Los Angeles.